by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
September 12, 2004

Precious eyes and lips she had
Her smile reminded me of a distant shore covered in foam
Her body was a temple clad in moon and stars
Her thoughts were just impossible to understand

Her beauty was not of this universe,
but her confusions were human
She loved me and she pitied me
She was mine and belonged to him

While in my hands she was happy
And with my kisses she smiled,
But distance she could not handle
Though her intentions were nice

She set me free, but I wanted to remain in prison
I couldn’t wait for her to love me back
I went mad with endless nights of tears
I embraced solitude with strong arms

She was never mine
She was someone else’s
Not even her smile belonged to me
Not even her lips were made to kiss me

She’s closer to me today
But I cannot touch her
I can only dream of what life could have been with her
I can only think of being her friend,
But just a friend I prefer not to be,
Because a lover I am and thus I’ll never be free

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