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The White Returns

by He that Walks Unseen-(T)
January 27, 2011
I was gone, but not dead or in between
two worlds above and under velvet  skies.
I was transparent to your earthly eyes,
lost in thought, fighting, unseen. 

I fell to the deepest heights
and sank to the highest depths,
fighting the fiercest of fights,
fighting he who never slept. 

Elven sword against ignited whips,
many wounds, no time or space.
No word emerging from my lips,
no life reflected in my face. 

And in the frozen depths I crept,
lost in time, forgotten by you all,
forgotten like a garden never kept,
forsaken like a dark leaf in the fall. 

But time turns like an ancient wheel
and I must return to you in bright
splendor, protected by the steel
of silver  shadows in the night. 

We must away, the precious dawn’s at hand
Fly my fools, pickup bow, sword and axe!
Away where grass covers the land
beneath the hooves of Shadowfax!