By Elatan-(Valar)
April 11, 1999

Every day the feelings are strong
The brightness of sun's first light in a ray
no one can ever change the moment
breaking on a mountain brae
In these mountains we found love
Here we touch the holy divine

In the dimmering light of the day
The excitement of the night
As we are carriied through the storm.
It's an open landscape beautiful and bright
a wild and huge frontier
From the wasteland to the promised field

Coming hurling down upon the storm and roam
There's lightning in my veins
to capture the beauty of the foam
in the starlight they sparkle and run
across the face of the sea
Oh the wind as we cross the mighty Atlantic

There's a mountain high in Valinor
A lighthouse in the dark
where its window reaches the sky they say
May you always be freedom
to the bright everlasting day
beyond the valley

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