Song of Beleriand

by Elatan-(Valar)
Feb. 21, 2002

Arriving at the coast, this beautiful land shaped in dark.
Oh here we lived in happiness and glory.
Beleriand my wonderful and loved. Lingering by shore and wood, green fields so filled with sap.
Splendoured morning rises, endless light of day
golden they filled my world with coloured shapes that lifted up my soul.

Nights in starlit wonders, songs spread joy, swelling up the hearts
friends we met in darkening, singing, dancing in the glades.
Such spaces everywhere. Standing at the sea upon the tongue of the mountain.
Ships come around the corner rested in the harbour's heart
Felt the power in everything.

Laughter loud in mountains, echoing in the vales
children of my parents
big hopes and cheer, breath of my existence.
Standing right before you with hope and no despair.
At the river's sources, digging out its road, we walked the endless journey
through the forest, the sea of mountain pines
to the place of rest.

We tended and nurtured all the seeds we had sown.
We were walking down the glory road with summer sun at the mountain brae
secretly the shadows grew long.
Yet still the chilling cold was lost in song of the glowing day.
We looked over the coloured fields with the wide sky above us.

Now the autumn leaves are falling, Beleriand my beloved lost in a web of changes.
Through the dust and rains the west wind blows
You lay down beside me and we questioned our faith; where did we go wrong? 
Beleriand my heart and soul, washed away in sins of folly.
Self-willed we withered out of sight.

Daughters saw brothers taken away to shadowland, fire eating grounds
drowning dreams in tears.
Dreams were lost in burning fears.
But proud we stood tall among the dreadful foes.
Secured the hope, carried it through the battlecry.

It no longer matters, the story is told.  Beleriand my lost and loved your story is told.
Did we forget the greatness in the little things;
were we happy in our ways? 
Now we are just shrinking souls in a withered world
running for the light.

Love was ours. Like a flame burning brightly, so fast my precious you were gone
was leaving us only the afterglow. 
Yet I still can see, through my tears, your fields in many coloured hues.
In my heart there will always be, a warm and precious memory. 
Bluer than velvet were your skies; soft as satin were the stars of your night.
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