The Shadows Within

by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
October 13, 2004
With shut eyes I walked this land as if I was to die
The light of day was banned as darkness brought the night
My opened eyes beheld the void and horrors of the blind
I was indeed in Mordor, where all the shadows lie
The Ring was heavy and the night was dense as well
My wicked guide kept leading me into a horrid hole
I thought of my dear Bilbo, I thought of Rivendell
But all I had were caves and spiders in old Cirith Ungol
Will I ever see the Shire again?
Will I ever hear the laugh of Bombadil?
Will I ever share another drink in Bree?
These questions were unanswered; my quest was not fulfilled.
My heart woke up and said to me today:
The darkness of the shadows does have mysterious ways
A blackness grows within you and I cannot escape
I hear the chants of orcs and blades that cut the air
I wished for death to take me, I could not carry on
My entrails were malicious, this ring destroyed my voice
The pupil's servants found me and heard my silent screams
They will destroy my land and also my ..........
What..?, where..?, who ..?, It was only a dream!!
Where am I, it looks like a tower.
Where is my mithril shirt?
Where is Sting?
Someone's coming.............

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