Revenge Lives in the House of Ransom

by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
September 17, 2004

Steps and voices in the night
We must hasten while we´re free
Strong their hands and their swords bright
They were many, us just three

Oh no!

As we flew so flew their darts
They came closer to their prey
My son pierced and me unharmed
Much I wept for this ill fate

At last I saw them…
They asked me for my name and I replied
We need shelter said their voices
An idea crossed my mind

If you kill me you’ll be lost
And a refuge you won’t find
I will take you to my home
You´ll be safe from Orcs tonight

Turin and his tall men followed
Into the rock we all went
Where the light of day is shadowed
With my words the truth I bent

I wanted to see them dead!
But the moment was not right
So I waited for some time
‘til a plan grew in my head.

I could´ve helped my son
But he died before my eyes
Turin saw my son was dead
I was crying in the dark

So I cursed the killer’s hands
And his bow and too his darts
And he cursed me back with hate
Dragon’s breath grew in my heart

After some time another came
Of elven race he was
So my fury was in flames
This was my time and my son’s

Out of my halls I went
Captured I was by Orcs
In the woods I was confined
I was helpless, sad and lost

But the thought of Turin’s friends
Crept again into my brain
I called my captors and said:
I can take you to a place
Where your enemies now rest

So I took them to my home
And the Orcs begun to work
I could gladly hear the screams
Of the one who killed my son

After the slaughter was done
Over their bodies I walked
In their faces I saw death
Slain they were and I was not

The Orcs left one alive
An elven-warrior he was
He was wounded but not slain
So my hate in flames arose

A black sword I wielded
And as I  prepared to kill
The great warrior grabbed my hand
So I ran away in fear

The house of ransom this was
Bar-en-Danwedh it is called
Where revenge was known to dwell
After Androg killed my son.

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