The Muse and the Boy of the Blue Fountain

 by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
October 16, 2004

I spoke with a muse today

She was learned in ancient lore

She knew present things and past

And the ones that were to come


She was not born in my soul

But in meridional lands

Where the skin of men is dark

And where diamonds come from coal


She told there was a fountain

Of blue colors like the sky

Where a little boy was born

He was tender, short and shy


This little boy had dreams

About angels and the sea

About mariners and stars

And of kingdoms fair and free


The muse and the boy thus met

And they spent some time together

The boy then grew up and left

The muse followed him forever


When the boy a man became

He gave birth to a new land

This earth in the Middle lay

Between the hells and the skies


Creatures crept out of his mind

Angels, mariners and stars

Princes, kings and foes alike

A new world of joy began


Though a soldier the man was

Hatred he kept out of sight

And his weapons were his quills

And his blood his inkling nights


Nowadays the boy’s no more

He has gone into the West

His earthly body he lost

And his soul he set to rest


And the muse that I once met

Told me that her life is better

She still walks with the young boy

In the heavens of his letters


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