by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
September 12, 2004

Many lives of men he's walked this earth
never pretending, ever traveling, just being.
Providing advice and bringing tidings
He's oldest than the night, mightiest of the Maiar.

“If you knew only a portion of what I know about him,
and I know only a fraction of all there is to know” ,
this tale would last for ages and ages
and the life of Mithrandir would still be obscure to you.

Educated in lore you must be
to understand his ways,
of the Palantiri and the Valaraukars you must have heard
if with him speak you wish

He would never hurt you
but guide you he will,
adventures and quests he will bring to you,
so that you can decide what type of life to choose.

His ways are mysterious
He’s never late,
He arrives precisely when he means to
At the turn of the tide.

I myself have never seen him
And yet I know him a little
Though I wish I knew more about him,
He’s Mithrandir, the eternal pilgrim.

Quote from The Hobbit: Narrator to reader.
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