Laden Trees in the Circle of Fire

by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
October 15, 2004


Harpers sing of ancient days

When all in this world was good

When creatures together were

And  Melkor was understood


But another time was come

Wherein creatures foul became

Draugluin’s one of the names

That the world began to know


Wolves of the North he bred

Thunder grew in their hearts

Horror grew in their heads

Warg-tales thus came to pass


After their lord was dead

After the land was broken

Rhovanion was then their den

The great wolves were thus awoken


The neighboring mountains cold

Housed a sad and tortured horde

Eru’s chosen ones of old

Offspring of the first dark lord


These were the yrch of Moria

Cursed creatures of the night

Servants of an unseen master

Fathers of death and of plight


As the life of years died

And the breath of time was tamed

The kin of Durin the dwarf

O’er the Misty Mountains came


This band was not alone

For a halfling too was come

And a Maia was with them

He killed William, Bert and Tom


Then an alliance was formed

Draugluin’s kin was called upon

Moria Yrch  were called as well

The Necromancer, their boss

The band of intruders was chased

The band of burglars was found

Up in trees their fate was bound

To the ones that live no more


Mirkwood was to be the witness

Of the foul alliance formed

Rhovanion and Moria as one

Safety seemed too far beyond


The aroma of death was felt

In Bilbo’s heart the hope died

In Gandalf’s head ideas crept

The dwarves wept as the yrch cried


Olorin found a way

As flames came out of his staff

A circle of fire was formed

Wolf-lords and yrch were harmed


The circumference of horror

Held a band up in the trees

Bilbo thought of his desire

His desire was to live


A cry was heard in the sky

Wings were noticed through the flames

Gwaihir came to Mithrandir

The band and burglar were safe


To lands beyond they were taken

Where the hope of life is pure

Where bears and horses are friends

Where their wounds could find a cure
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