Gorthaur the Cruel

by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
September 15, 2004

the lidless eye is over you
your escape is now blocked
and your hopes destroyed
the lidless eye stares at you

One eye to see them all
One eye to find them
One eye to keep them close
And in the shadows blind them

the dark lands are now merry
for he who arose in the might of his master
regained his potency and power
and confined in his fortress he sees the lands beyond

Every master was once an apprentice
And this he was
Just a pupil,
The eye behind the hammering hand of terror

He desired Grond,
He coveted the undying crown.
A new mission he had,
To rule a world of chaos.

He is come to Middle-earth!!

a new evil awakes in the east
orcs and other foul creatures serve him
and deep in the dungeons of his dark tower
the maia that was once an angel
has become a demon, only a memory of Eru's dream.

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