by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
September 12, 2004

Full of beauty walked a woman through the garden of my mind, and there, in the
 lonely prairies of thought I saw her. She noticed me and fixed her eyes upon
mine and thus I became a captive of her splendor. No longer was I free, for her
 lips, as if fashioned out of red velvet, governed my moods and my desires.

No other feelings were left in my heart, but the flames of my passion. Having
her so close to me without really having her was much more painful than not
having her at all. However, deep in my garden, there still lies a tree that I call
certainty, certainty that surpasses hope and kills my deepest sorrows.

Now I walk in the shadow, as a ghost, as a specter that awaits his return to the
 world of the living. Not even a kiss is necessary for me to be alive again for I
need just her thoughts and intentions. As for now, my garden is still flourishing
 and the prettiest flower looks just like her.

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