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Celebrian's Farewell to Elrond

by Bjørn Fromen
June 1973
Located by Elatan-(T) fka Amillo-(Valar) Oct. 6, 2002

    Reconstructed after a preserved fragment from the Fourth Age. It is written in High Elvish (Quenya) and is thought to constitute a separated fragment of the Telcontarion, an epic that deals with King Eldarion`s ancestors.
    It was first presented by Bjørn Fromen in Palantiren June 1973. Palantiren was the journal of the Forodrim, a Tolkien-oriented group based in Sweden.

A nainië órenyo arano
envinya súlenyasse i mornië.
Ai nwalmi úquénimë hísiëtilion
Ai anga nin umbarya, carnenáreva !
ve vilyo lintë fanyar oialë
Endórendilië nin avánië ,
ar láva órenya lumbulë lómëavalo.
Sí falmar caituvar únótimë imbë met ,
a Elentinwë !
ar vanwa ná Laurëanórië
yasse nu aldar maltava aquantier
vilya lindinyar.
Man nin envinya silmë elenion ?
ar man anarya laurë nin enanuva ?
Ú tári Lóriendëo...ú elyë , Vilyatur !
An súrinen Númello nin utúlië.
Tintallëo laurenlindë lisse-ómëa :
nai falas hiruvan i ciryaron
yasse hwestannar vanuva Eärëo
órenya nwalmë úrima ; sí tië hiruvan
Valinórenna !

Sinómë oioquellë nin alantië ,
cala nin ú ná mi mardi Endórëo.
A Nenyo tári...a Undómiel Eldaron...
nu menel alcarin te entiruvan
Andúnëo ?  umbárya nin untúpa orotar...
Ai !  palan ú ná metta Eldaloaron ! -
Namárië , Eldatan !  ú maruvan
sí nu túpalva ,
an elyë tuluva !  Nai Varda eleni
ilyë lúmenn ' enomentielvo siluvar !
Namárië...sí tië hiruvan
Valinórenna !


Thy bitter lament, O my beloved,
deepens the darkness in my spirit.
Ah! torments unspeakable in the hollow dens
of the Misty Mountains!

Ah! the weapon of my doom, red and fiery iron!
Like the swift clouds of the air, for ever,
My joy in Middle-earth has passed from me,
And the Dark Angel`s shadow licks at my soul.
Now must the swells of countless waves lie between us ,
O Star-descended !
and lost to me is the Golden Land,
where, beneath the golden trees, I filled
the air with my songs.

Who will renew the light of the stars for me ?
and who will bring back to me the gold of the sun ?
Not the Lady of Lorien… not even thou, Vilya`s master !
for, in the western wind has come to me
Tintalle`s sweet-voiced golden song –
Let me find the ships` strand,
where, in breezes from the Sea, the burning torment
of my soul may pass away; now I will find
a path to Valinor.

Here an eternal autumn has fallen around me:
for me there is no light in the halls of Middle-earth.
O Nenya`s Queen… O Evenstar of the Elves…
shall I ever again behold those two in the glory of
a sunset?  A Higher Power hides their fate from me.
Ah! no longer distant is the ending of the Elven-years!
Farewell, Half-elven!  Though I may no longer tarry
here beneath our roof ,
yet thou must soon come after me!  May all the stars of
Varda shine on the hour of our reunion!
Farewell… now I will find a path
to Valinor!