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As For Me!

by Firiel-(T)
June 10, 2011

"Who of ye is bound unto this land,
Accurséd, with marks of orkish feet,
Defiled by the touch of impure hand,
Darkened by cruel Bauglir's awful seat?

Who of Exiles shall not come away,
To the lands of glory's ancient throne?
Who of ye is longing not for Day,
Who of ye shall not touch bliss' bright hem?

Who is so enthralled of foreign shore,
That they should forsake the land of light?
By the shores of Aman sea mews soar.
Here the sea is blanketed in night.

Aman sees the sun in glory sit,
Sinking into Vaiya's bosom bright,
There the faces of the gods are lit
Where the Father placed His flaming light."

"Is the Father's glory in the dark?
But was not the darkness also wrought
Of our Father? See the Evening Bark,
How it gives to sunlit realms the thought

Of a calm night world. In this the night
Hath great joys for me, enough I say
To e'en reach the standard of thy light.
O, the glories of the sunlit day!

Light is gone from Aman's pillared hill.
The hour of renewal lies afar.
As for me! the gentle gleaming rill,
And a strain of light, and one pure star.

Take for thee the whispers of the sea!
Take for thee the resting of the Sun!
Take for thee the Kindler's flaming free,
Where the light of Eru lies within.

Does not Eru's thought in Arda lie?
Is it not in Middle-earth as there?
There does Taniquetil cleave the sky,
But the mounts of Middle-earth are fair."