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by Imrahil-(V)
May 31, 2001

In English and Quenya

A radiant light, a guiding hand,
A solution to my troubles.
A star at night,

That shines so bright,
And exiles all my frustration.
My love for her that holds my heart,
Cannot be appraised at all.
Vaster than the ocean,
More immense than the heavens,
It's what sees me through the day.
To be by her side,
And to earn her love,
Is all I desire to do.
Ainunya, my beloved,
I need you to know,
I love you.


Alcarinqua isilmë, tana má,
laumë anamaustanya.
I él elen lómë,
ta caluva calassë,
ar metyanyérë.
Melmënya n utúvienyes turnë órënya,
lá ná úquétima a ilya.
yanta aica san I Alatairë,
yanta aica san menel,
tas man véla ni terë auré.
ana ná mas utúvienyes,
ar ana tuvumelmë,
ye ilya inyë merë ana avá.
Ainunya, Imrahilmelda,
Inyë maurë elyë ana ista,
Inyë melmë elyë.

Author's note: Imrahilmelda <--beloved of Imrahil