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I Angamando Vere Hante

The Leaguer of Angband Broken

by Firiel-(T)
March 3, 2011

Sin ta tulé ana i Angamando vere hante, tir Noldorinwa úsinte ho i lúme lende. I tyel lúme úmea yéva tatya. I tir lehtan, en anan sére mi rimbe anda-lúme, íre More Kotumo hosta tultan. Et-Andondi Angamando ar Thangorodrim aikassen sirn náre síre; taltan na latina Ard-Galen nár sirili. Valaraukar ar kulda Glaurung Atar-Loki ar i more Glamhoth avanóte etlende. Ta anan útyelya sir-yáren. Íre ta pustan tuile, kotumo rimbe Alkarin anan hante.

Now it came to pass the leaguer of Angband was broken, the Noldorin watch being unaware due to the passing of years. Even so shalt it be in the end of the evil time. The watch slackened, for there had been peace for many long years, when the Black Enemy gathered great forces. Out of Angband’s great gates and the peaks of Thangorodrim flowed rivers of flame; rivulets of fire ran down to open Ard-Galen. Balrogs and goldenred Glaurung Father of Dragons and the black Orc-hosts numberless fared forth. It was endless bloodflow. When it ceased in the spring, Morgoth’s (Alkar’s) foes were sundered.