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Khuzdul: Dwarvish to English

Dwarves, secretive with their language, left only a few place and personal names behind, along with war-cries. We work from those.

Dwarvish language was meant for lore, not "cradle-speech", a treasure of the past, which was the reason for guarding it.
Most Dwarvish names are of Northern (Mannish) origin. Their inner true names are secret, not even written on their tombs, and not told to those of alien race, even close friends.1

        Azanulbizar the Dimrill Dale, Nanduhirion
        baruk axes
        Baraz also called Barazinbar6
        Barazinbar Baraz, the Redhorn Mountain, cruel Caradhras6
        Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd aimênu! "Axes of the Dwarves! The Dwarves are upon you!"  Battle-cry. 1
        Bundushathûr Shathûr, Cloudyhead,  Fanuidhol the Grey6. Mountain.
        dûm plural or collective meaning "excavations, halls, mansions"4
        Khazâd Dwarves, the Dwarves4
        Khazad-dûm3  "Dwarves-mansions". The Dwarrowdelf. Moria, The Black Pit.6
        Kheled-zâram the Mirrormere.2,3,6  Has dark water6.
        Khuzdul language of the Dwarves4
        Kibil-nâla 3 the River Silverlode6,7 Has icy springs6.
        Mahal4 the Vala Aulë, maker of the bodies of the original Dwarves.5
        Shathûr also called Bundushathûr6
        Zirak also called Zirak-zigil6
        Zirak-zigil Zirak, Silvertine, Celebdil the White6. Mountain.

Information collected by Varda-(Valar). Begun July 17, 2016
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Information collected by Varda-(Valar). Begun July 17, 2016

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Gimli halted and stopped to the ground. "I hear nothing but the night-speech of plant and stone," he said. FotR, p.438.