You Know You're in Valar When...

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You know you're in Valar when...
You know something's wrong when...


from Galdor-(V):

...when you try to log into your own account using a guild game password! start saying "Aye" as a positive answer for any question, even outside the guild.

from FarmerMaggot-(V):

...On the rare occasion when returning to the real world you look at your feet and wonder where the hair went. Then you realize you're not a hobbit.

...You have nightmares about people stealing your mushrooms.

from Gloin-(V):

... you try to correct everybody's mispronunciation of elvish, dwarvish, etc.

... you get a cable modem just to reduce your lag on Bnet

... you think of ways to clone J.R.R. Tolkien's brain so that you have more Tolkien to read

... you ask if they have a program at the computer store that teaches you Sindarin

... you buy a sword, just in case Melkor decides to return from the void

... you sail across the sea looking for Valinor

from Rog-(V):

...You start referring to your favorite unique ring as "Your precious"

...When someone speaks to you in elvish and you understand it

...You start greeting people at work with "Aiya"

...You call your uncle by his guild name :)

from Elu Thingol-(V):

...You begin to wonder what the defense rating of Aragorn's winged crown is.

...You realize that Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn must have had fast run/walk boots on when they were searching for Merry and Pippin.

...You begin to wonder what level of poison dagger the Nazgul used against Frodo on Weathertop.

...You begin to wonder what the Clvl requirement of Sauron's ring is.

from Earendil-(V):

...You step away from your computer for a few seconds and several people welcome you back.

from Dior-(V):

... You know you're in Valar when you answer a question affirmatively in Physics class and someone asks you, "What is wrong with your eye?" 

... Time Zones don't matter

... for the first time in your life you eat without having your elbows on the table

From Eru-(Valar):

...the swearing and spamming stops.

...there are people older than your parents around.

...the average IQ doubles. can say Nazgul and people understand. can hear Eru singing. meet orcs and they don't want to kill you.

...someone treats you with dignity and respect for no ulterior motive.

...some people have been around for over three years. (over 19, now, since 1997)

...someone called Aule has spent more time online than off.

...there are suddenly no borders in the world.'ve found a place you don't want to leave. can read this list and laugh understandingly.

From Gothmog-(Valar): see people selling legit Godly Plates of the Whale. hear this conversation:
   Gothmog-(Valar): Hey Aule, want this rare bow? It has a million to a billion damage, adds 40 amazon skill levels and does 4536-6346 cold damage
   Aule-(Valar): No thx, mine does a jillion to a bazillion damage and adds 700 amazon skills look for yourself on the list of people in a channel and can't find yourself. have to join guild game 6 because the ones before it are all full. see King's Swords of Haste on the ground that anyone can have.

...your guild has more than 3 web pages.

...your guild has a "You know you're in (guild name) when..." joke. celebrate guild anniversaries.

from Tuvo-(V):

...being named after the lord of darkness or a giant tree eating spider is no big deal.

...playing a computer game is a social skill.

from Imrahil-(V):

...You sit in a channel with 20 other people and a curse word hasnt been said for days

...People are nice and well mannered

...Knowledge of Tolkien and a good attitude earns respect

from Elros-(V): actually use the letter V know people from at least 8 different countries



from Dior-(V):

... Eru, Irmo, or Tulkas can't answer your question in under thirty seconds.

... If somehow we run out of back up channels

from Gothmog-(Valar):

...neither Gothmog, Ulmo nor Aule are online. games are running accept gifts and don't have anything spectacular

from Tuvo-(V):

...ValarBuddy doesnt have the gavel.

from Imrahil-(V):

...I am not on Brood War

...Aule has a typo

...When Manwe doesnt have a great quote or saying for everyone :)


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