The Battle of the Crossing of Poros

Author's Note with Timeline

by Barahir-(V)
December 22, 2005

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About the Story

    This story contains a few self-invented characters (Like Hallas and Ceorl), some characters already in Tolkien canon but not named (like Hilda) and characters already there in Lord of the Rings. The bulk of all the things I wrote about came from my own head which was put in writing after Varda asked if I had a story.

    Warning: the story contains character death and Battle scenes.
    The references for this are:
       1) The Lord of the Rings and "Appendix"
       2) The Silmarillion (a small part)
       3) The Unfinished Tales (a small part)
    I think the story is not bad but not good also. As it goes in my English exam, I want to say thanks to my editor, Varda, who was kind enough to edit my story (or you wouldn't have been able to read a hair of it) and also I want to thank the Valar Guild for publishing my first fan fiction story.
    Any comments on the story (or on myself) is welcomed. Please e-mail to sauron432000(AT) .
    I want to pat myself on the back for writing (as far as I know) the second longest story in the Valar Guild (more than 15,000 words). Hats off to Haleth though for her story of over 30,000 words. Thanks to Varda, my editor again!.

Timeline of Events

Year 2885, Third Age, Middle-earth.

April 17- The Spies of Gondor in City of Corsairs see the Muster of the Haradrim

April 18- The spies flee the city

April 20-  The Army of the Haradrim leave for Ithilien.

April 24-The spies reach the Anduin

April  27-The Spies reach the Harlond, The Steward sends out Gundor. He prepares an army to send to Ithilien and cavalry force.

April 28- The beacon of Halifrien  is lighted.

April 30- The army of the Haradrim reaches the Harnen and camp beside it.

March 2-The Army of Khand joins with the army of the Haradrim. Gundor arrives in Rohan at noon. Muster of the Rohirrim begins. Gundor rides back at night. Army gathered by Turin II leaves Minas Tirith at dawn.

March 3- The combined army leaves in great haste towrads the Poros at noon.

March 4- the Rohirrim without their king ride to Ithilien at dawn. Army of the Tower of the Guard reaches Endost in Emyn Arnen. Army splits. one part heads south to Harost.

March 6- Hallas under Min-rimmon at night.

March 7 - Gundor comes to the steward and relays the message to Turin.

March 9- The Rohirrim arrive on the Pelennor by mid-day. Counsel with Turin. The cavalry of Gondor joins Rohirrim under Hador.

March 10- The Rohirrim ride to the base of Emyn Arnen with supplies.

March 12- The Haradrim's scouts come within site of Poros.

March 13- The Haradrim prepare the army for the battle. The army from MT joins the army at Harost and they set out to guard the crossings of  Poros

March 14- The Battle of the invasion of Ithilien. Gondor defeated. Haradrim retreat back to get reinforcements for the invasion of Gondor. Many defenders flee to the Harost.The Rohirrim scout sees the bodies on the battle-field.

March 15- The Battle of the Crossing of Poros. Folcred and Fastred slain. Hallas commands the defenders for a while. Haradrim routed and many Mumakil slain.

March 25- Hallas and the rest of the Rohirrim return to Minas Tirith. Farewell to Gondor.

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