The Battle of the Crossing of Poros

Chapter 11: Entulesse

by Barahir-(V)
November 26, 2005

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    Now Hallas and his men rode east without haste or joy. They had already sent messengers to Folcwine weeks ago. Their Lord by now would have heard of his sons' death. But at the sight of the plains of Rohan, at the sight of grasses so sweet, at the sight of sunlight so cool, at the sight of wind so light, and at the sight of his homeland, joy and a smile crept to his face. They carried the rich wergild that Turin had sent to King Folcwine. On their tenth day from Minas Tirith, they rode within the courtyard of Edoras.
    They were greeted with sorrow and joy at their return. Then Hallas went to the king and was commanded to tell all that he knew. And Hallas told him about all that he knew about Minas Tirith, about Endost, about the journey south, about their partition, about their preparation for battle, about the
enemy, about the Mumaks, about battle, about the fall of Folcred and Fastred, about their retreat, about the succor they received, about the second round of battle, about the fall of the Mumaks, and about their victory.
    Then Hallas became among the few living men to see a tear run down the face of Folcwine, the man of steel. He could not bear to see the sight of the once tearless face filled with tears; he too burst into tears and the grief that had long welled in his heart came out and his madness and sadness was healed. Then he spoke
about their burial, he spoke about their return, and about the counsel of Turin.
    When he spoke of the gift of Turin, the king said, "Nay. What does the steward think? That this will replace my sons? Nay, I shall not take of it. But I say do not send it back. The rich wergild of gold from Turin the Wise, might serve others who have lost their loved ones like me. Let them take it for it serves no purpose with me. Thou shalt distribute it to the families of the fallen. For I am too sorrowful to do anything more. From this day shalt thou be the First Marshall of the Mark. I shall bear no title other than King or wield any brand. Let them take me if they will." Then Hallas begged leave to go and set upon his task.
    After some days, the king asked Hallas to write an account of what happened during the war. He obliged. Hallas titled it, "There and Back Again Alive- A Rider's Tale by Hallas".
    The Editing Author titled this as "The Battle of the Crossing of Poros- A Historian's Tale by Rallas"

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