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Egg Hunt

by Varda-(Valar)
April 4, 2010

"Are you really planning on carrying all of those eggs yourself?" Aulë asked Yavanna.

Still carefully balancing sacks of wrapped eggs, the gigantic woman turned slowly to her equally gigantic, superbly muscular husband. Tossing her long, green hair (that incidentally wafted the fragrance of decorative flowers to him), Yavanna said," Aye, and glad to do it! It is time to once again bring back the beauty of Middle-earth, after the long darkness. Giving the birds these special eggs will give their race greater ability to survive and improve their cries to songs pleasing to the ear of Eru."

"You have done your part in the crafting. Now let those who love your work be allowed to take some small part in it, for these Maiar that follow you desire to serve your cause, even as I desire to have you here in Valinor with me."  He started to wrap one great arm around her waist but hesitated, unable to touch her without breaking eggs.

She grinned.  "Indeed, something must be done." She called out in a carrying tone that sounded like a beautiful, wooden wind instrument that someone would have to invent later just for the joy of hearing it again. "Aiwendil!"

A young man in brown robes, accompanied by birds of every color, strode from the forest and looked up at the two Valar.  "My Lady, I heard the will of Aulë and yourself. Please permit me to aid in this service to my beloved birds."

"You would be the perfect instrument of song for this aid in the rebirth of Arda, being the Maia of birds and animals," she said, pleased. "Gather your helpers, but they need to be able to distribute this wealth in secret, lest the servants of Morgoth attempt to destroy the eggs."

"I shall gather rabbits from all over the world to carry and hide the eggs from special points chosen by fellow Maiar. The helpers shall hide the eggs near the nests and the birds shall find them and their touch will claim an egg so that it will rise up into that bird's nest, one only to a family. Will that suit your purpose?"

"Admirably! I will go to your gathering of the Maiar of your choice and let them see that your project has my blessing."

Aiwendil bowed, face alight with happiness, went to call his fellows together at the nearby (to the Ainur) mansion of Aulë and Yavanna.

Aulë started removing the egg sacks and said, "I'll keep and guard the eggs here while you're doing the calling."

"Thank you, dear. This shouldn't take long."

Aulë shrugged. The Valarian idea of "not long" could see meadows become climax forests.

Yavanna returned at last, Aiwendil following her in his new form with a host of what appeared to be rabbits except for the wisdom in their eyes. They stopped and stared at what glittered like a dragon's hoard. "What have you done to the eggs?" Yavanna cried.

Aulë looked up, face bedaubed with paint and glitter. "They are unharmed, but it seemed sad to send such a great gift into the world purely in stealth. I wished a celebration, even if in hiding."

Down through the Ages even to this day, the Children continue to celebrate what might otherwise have been an overlooked gift of Yavanna, in that custom known as the Egg Hunt.