Two Eyes Stare at Mine

by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
August 8, 2007

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    She looked at me with elven eyes and I was instantly captured by her splendor. In despair, I tried tofly and found me inevitably trapped by her stare. Her face, carved as an ode to temptation and captive within a silver oval, reminded me of a morning in Imladris. Who was she? Why was she capturing my very soul with her stabbing eyes?  These and many other questions I could not answer. Nonetheless, my spirit grew instantly wiser as I started to recognize things that were unexpectedly familiar. Finally, the answer crossed my heart and my mind like a pale-blue blade used in Gondolin: It was me, Galadriel, discovering my reflexion for the first time, admiring the very mirror which was to show me and others so many fair and terrible things.