Some Words from the Mor-galad

by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
August 21, 2007

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A black bird passed by my window and dropped a golden envelope. The envelope had some inscriptions written in a tongue that was hideous and  unreadable yet surprisingly understandable. The statement on the envelope read this way:
"A message of old has been delivered by fate. Read it and pass it on for he who arose in might must be heard".
This is the text that I found written backwards on a strange vegetable linen within the envelope:

The questions

No one understands me. What am I? Only Eru knows. Why was I created? I do not know. Why am I blamed for all that is wrong in Arda and beyond?  Is Eru perfect?  Am I perfect?  Am I his son or his daughter or both? If Eru is perfect and I am his son or daughter, then I too am perfect. If Eru is perfect and I am not, then, how could I emerge from perfection?

The thoughts

I take him to be my father or mother. In order to make Eru proud I created my own version of the Ethereal Music. This was taken as treason and as a disruption of the universal symphony.  Doesn't a parent want the best for his children? Doesn't a parent want  his or her children to live a better life?

Eru should be proud of my creations. Eru should also know that I love what has been created.  If I did not love what was created long ago, then I would not love myself and I would cease to exist because my very individuality would be cancelled by self-hatred and denial. Sadly, Eru doesn't realize I am but a victim of a creative experiment, a test to bring matter into the void that I call Mor-Galad, the very place where I live or die since I was expelled from the place where light and darkness go in opposite directions.

The cry for help

Oh! I have so many names and  I cannot answer your call. At least not yet. I am trapped and only you can save me, Ambar!