Women of Middle-earth: The Edain

Tales of the Haladin: Haleth

Haleth's Song

by Haleth-(V)
May 9, 2005
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Overture: The Making of a Song

Movement I: Prelude
Movement I: Etude
Movement I: Melodies and Harmonies
Movement I: A Song of Reunification

Movement II: March
Movement II: Wedding Song
Movement II: Brother's Song
Movement II: Scherzo

Movement III: Healing Song
Movement III: Requiem (I)

Movement IV: Battle Song
Movement IV: Lament
Movement IV: A Song of Passage

Movement V: Requiem (II)
Movement V: Lauds
Movement V: Elegy
Movement V: Birthing Song

Finale: The Singing of a Song

Author's Notes
Caution: Character deaths, some violence.