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The Great Years

begun by Varda-(Valar) April 30, 2017

Arveleg-(V) was unable to complete the rest of his ambitious project, so the rest of the Valar Guild is pitching in.
Sources for the timeline must be from the books and mentioned here.

    H = Hobbit
    FotR = Fellowship of the Ring
    LotR= Lord of the Rings
    TT = Two Towers
    RotK = Return of the King
    UT = Unfinished Tales
    HOME wth a number refers to the numbered volumes of the Histories of Middle-earth.
    c. = circa. Latin for "around; approximately"

Years below currently come from Return of the King, Appendix B, to be added to or amended from other books with mentions of source.


April 12
"Gandalf reaches Hobbiton."
June 20
"Sauron attacks Osgiliath."
"About the same time Thranduil is attacked and Gollum escapes."
July 4
"Boromir sets out from Minas Tirith."
July 10
"Gandalf imprisoned in Orthanc."
"All trace of Gollum is lost. It is thought that at about this time, being hunted both by the Elves and Sauron's servants, he took refuge in Moria, but when he had at last discovered the way to the West-gate, he could not get out."

Sept. 18
"Gandalf escapes from Orthanc in the early hours."
"The Black Riders cross the Ford of Isen."
Sept. 19
"Gandalf comes to Edoras as a beggar, and is refused admittance."
Sept. 20
"Gandalf gains entrance to Edoras. Théoden commands him to go. 'Take any horse, only be gone ere tomorrow is old!'"
Sept. 21
"Gandalf meets Shadowfax, but the horse will not allow him to come near. He follows Shadowfax far over the fields."
Sept. 22
"The Black Riders reach Sarn Ford at evening; they drive off the guard of Rangers."
"Gandalf overtakes Shadowfax."
Sept. 23
"Four Riders enter the Shire before dawn."
"The others pursue the Rangers eastward, and then return to watch the Greenway."
"A Black Rider comes to Hobbiton at nightfall."
"Frodo leaves Bag End."
"Gandalf having tamed Shadowfax rides from Rohan."
Sept. 24
"Gandalf crosses the Isen."
Sept. 26
"The Old Forest. Frodo comes to Bombadil."
Sept. 27
"Gandalf crosses Greyflood."
"Second night with Bombadil."
Sept. 28
"The Hobbits captured by a Barrow-wight."
"Gandalf reaches Sarn Ford."
Sept. 29
"Frodo reaches Bree at night."
"Gandalf visits the Gaffer."
Sept. 30
"Crickhollow and the Inn at Bree are raided in the early hours."
"Frodo leaves Bree."
"Gandalf comes to Crickhollow, and reaches Bree at night."

Oct. 1
"Gandalf leaves Bree."
Oct 3
"He is attacked at night on Weathertop."
Oct. 6
"The camp under Weathertop attacked at night on Weathertop. Frodo wounded."
Oct. 9
"Glorfindel leaves Rivendell."
Oct. 11
"He drives the Riders off the Bridge of Mitheithel."
Oct. 13
"Frodo crosses the Bridge."
Oct. 18
"Glorfindel finds Frodo at dusk."
"Gandalf reaches Rivendell."
Oct. 20
"Escape acoss the Ford of Bruinen."
Oct. 24
"Frodo recovers and wakes."
"Boromir arrives in Rivendell at night."
Oct. 25
"Council of Elrond."

Dec. 25
"The company of the Ring leaves Rivendell at dusk."

Jan. 8
"The Company reach Hollin."
Jan. 11, 12
"Snow on Caradhras."
Jan. 13
"Attack by Wolves in the early hours."
"The Company reaches West-gate of Moria at nightfall."
"Gollum begins to trail the Ringbearer."
Jan. 14
"Night in Hall Twenty-one."
Jan. 15 "The Bridge of Khazad-dûm, and fall of Gandalf."
"The Comp reaches Nimrodel late at night."
Jan. 17
"The Company comes to Caras Galadhon at evening."
Jan. 23
"Gandalf pursues the Balrog to the peak of Zirakzigil."
Jan. 25
"He casts down the Balrog, and passes away. His body lies on the peak."

Feb. 14
"The Mirror of Galadriel."
"Gandalf returns to life, and lies in a trance."
Feb. 16
"Farewell to Lórien."
"Gollum in hiding observes the departure."
Feb. 17
"Gwaihir bears Gandalf to Lórien."
Feb. 23
"The boats are attacked at night near Sarn Gebir."
Feb. 25
"The Company pass the Argonath and camp at Parth Galen."
"First Battle of the Fords of Isen. Théodred son of Théoden slain."
Feb. 26
"Breaking of the Fellowship."
"Death of Boromir; his horn is heard in Minas Tirith."
"Meriadoc and Peregrin captured."
"Frodo and Samwise enter the eastern Emyn Muil."
"Aragorn sets out in pursuit of the Orc-band from Emyn Muil."
Feb. 27
"Aragorn reaches the west-cliff at sunrise."
"Éomer against against Théoden's orders sets out from Eastfold about midnight to pursue the Orcs."
Feb. 28
"Éomer overtakes the Orcs just outside Fangorn Forest."
Feb. 29
"Meriadoc and Pippin escape and meet Treebeard."
"The Rohirrim attack at sunrise and destroy the Orcs."
"Frodo descends from the Emyn Muil and meets Gollum."
"Faramir sees the funeral boat of Boromir."
Feb. 30
"Entmoot begins."
"Éomer returning to Edoras meets Aragorn."

March 1

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