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by Lungorthin-(Valar) fka Glaurung-(V)
May 25, 2002

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Names of Turin:
    Túrin a.k.a. Neithan (outlaw of Doriath), Gorthol (based off of the Dragon Helm of Dor-Lómin), Agarwaen son of Umarth, the Bloodstained, son of Ill-fate (entrance into Nargothrond), Adanedhel (for his beauty and noble bearing by the elves), Mormegil – Black Sword of Nargothrond (for his sword Gurthang), Wildman of the Woods (for his proposed return to Nargothrond), and Turambar (his name in the settlement with the Haladin)

    Turin was the son of Húrin and Morwen. He had a sister Lalaith, which means laughter, but she died as a result of a pestilence that came from Angband.
    The Easterlings invaded and held power over the people in Dor-Lómin, and were enslaving the people where young Turin lived, but

“…so great was the beauty and majesty of the Lady of Dor-Lómin that the Easterlings were afraid, and dared not to lay hands upon her or her household…”

    This was so for a short time but still Morwen feared that Túrin would be taken from her and enslaved by the Easterlings.
    “Therefore it came into her heart to send him away in secret, and to beg King Thingol to harbour him…
    The elf, Beleg, found the two servants that held Túrin and led them to Menegroth. Upon Turin's arrival, the elf-king of Doriath, Thingol, took him and fostered him in honor of his father, Húrin. Also, elves were sent to beg Morwen to leave Hithlum and come to Doriath, but she would not leave. However, she did give the elves something for Túrin, the Dragon-helm of Dor-Lómin.
    Turin was with Thingol for nine years and during that time, due to a lack of word from his mother and sister, he chose to take up arms to help guard Doriath. He fought for a three year period alongside Beleg away from Menegroth. Upon his return Turin quarreled with Saeros, which ended up with Saeros’ death. Túrin would not see the king and fled. He ran through the Girdle of Melian and joined up with a group of desperate men that fought all that came across them.
    Beleg was sent to look for him, because Thingol loved him and had pardoned him. A year later, he found Túrin’s outlaw camp, but he wasn’t there, and the rest of the band bound him and treated him badly. Túrin came back eventually and freed him and then renewed their friendship.
    They parted, as neither of them would remain with the other. Beleg returned to the king and the king sent him after Túrin and gave him Anglachel as his parting gift. Melian warned of the blade, saying that too much of the evil of the forger, Eol, was in it, but Beleg took it anyway. Melian bestowed upon Túrin (if Beleg should find him) a store of lembas, which only the queen could give, and had never been given to a man before, and only very seldom afterwards.
    Soon after, Túrin led his band westward and captured a dwarf named Mîm who, along with his two sons (of the two, one would die from an arrow loosed by Túrin’s men), were the only three of the Petty-Dwarves left. Mim led them, as ransom, to his hidden house upon Amon Rûdh. That winter, Beleg returned and together, the Two Captains cleared the area of orcs. Túrin’s famed Dragon Helm of Dor-Lómin betrayed Túrin’s identity and Mîm showed orcs the path to Amon Rûdh. Túrin was captured. The elves Beleg and Gwindor rescued him, but Túrin unknowingly killed Beleg.
    With Gwindor, Túrin went to Nargothrond. He reached his full manhood there. He became a great warrior and trusted advisor. It was during this time that Anglachel (Beleg’s sword) was reforged for Túrin and named Gurthang. It was also at Nargothrond that Finduilas, Gwindor's betrothed, developed unrequited love for Túrin.
    Túrin fought well in the disastrous Battle of Tumhalad. But upon his return, Glaurung ensnared him. Glaurung released him with a lie that his mother was in danger in Dor-Lómin. Túrin went there to look for his mother and unknown sister instead of chasing the captured Finduilas. When he discovered the ruse, he became angry and slew many Easterlings, including Brodda, who held sway over Dor-Lómin.
    Upon his proposed return for the rescue of Finduilas, since he could not think of a better place for his kin except in Doriath where they fled to, he ran across some of the men of Brethil and saved them. They begged for him to come and stay with them, but he refused saying that he had one more errand left. They then told him that Finduilas was slain by the orcs. He then stayed with the men of Brethil, ruled by Brandir.  For many years he lived there, yet he could not refuse the “deeds of war.” He made Haudh-en-Elleth a place of terror for the orcs, so that none would come near.
    During this time, Morwen had heard of the fall of Nargothrond and was sad. She set out, with Mablung after her, to find Túrin of her own accord. Nienor was not allowed to go. Morwen left, and Nienor followed as one of Mablung’s band. They had made their way to the “Hill of Spies” that lay before Nargothrond. Once there, Mablung went away for a short while. Glaurung was aware of all that they did, and set a great reek and odor all about the hill and surroundings. He killed all of Mablung’s elves and Morwen was lost. He cast a very powerful spell of forgetfulness and utter darkness upon Nienor, and then left. Mablung could not find either Morwen or Nienor, but kept searching. Nienor ran into the woods, naked and frantic until she could run no more. She awoke the next morning and wandered around until she rested on the gravesite, Haudh-en-Elleth. Túrin found her, and named her Níniel. Soon, Túrin hoped to marry her, but she resisted due to a darkness that was in her heart. Three years later, he asked again and they were married.
    Orcs issued by Glaurung alerted him that Túrin was in Brethil, and he left Nargothrond. Glaurung rested right outside the woods of Brethil.
    Túrin decided that Glaurung could not be beaten by any of the townsfolk and offered himself to attack Glaurung. Dorlas volunteered; Hunthor, Brandir’s kinsman, offered to go in Brandir’s stead. Túrin found out that Glaurung stayed upon a hill with a gorge in between, and he hoped to climb the gorge from the river below to strike at Glaurung from unawares. Dorlas could not go and lurked in the woods in shame. On the way up, Hunthor was killed by a rock dislodged by Glaurung’s movement. Túrin, however, climbed still and managed to lodge Gurthang into Glaurung’s soft underbelly to the hilt. And Glaurung died, but not before smiting Túrin with a look full of so much malice, it knocked him unconscious, and revealing to Nienor that she was Túrin’s sister.
    Brandir overheard the conversation between Glaurung and Nienor, and went back to Brethil to explain what had happened. He said Nienor had thrown herself into the River Teiglin, and Túrin was dead, and for that he was glad, also that the dragon was dead. Túrin, however, came back to Brethil and heard what Brandir had said, and became outraged because he thought Brandir was just jealous of the love of him and Níenor. Túrin then slew Brandir and went to Haudh-en-Elleth. There Mablung and his followers found him. Túrin then asked one thing. He asked for tidings of his kin in Doriath. Then Mablung told him of all that had happened, and Túrin knew that he slew Brandir unjustly, and went to the top of Cabed-en-Aras and asked his sword if it would slay him swiftly. It replied yes, to forget the blood of its former master, Beleg, and the blood of Brandir. Then he cast himself upon Gurthang, and it was broken.
    He was then laid under the Stone of the Hapless.

Source: The Silmarillion – Quenta Silmarillion – Of Túrin Turambar