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Thranduil by Elrond-(V)
X Paper by Thorondor-(Valar), fka Thranduil-(V) 2000 (accidentally saved over. Copy requested June 9, 2005.)
Halls of Thranduil by Varda-(Valar)


by Elrond-(V), fka Thranduil-(V) 2001
Jan. 23, 2002

    Thranduil was the son of Oropher and the father of Legolas. He became the king of the woodland realm in Mirkwood after his father and one-third of the forces of Mirkwood were killed in the Last Alliance. Thranduil led the rest back to Mirkwood after the battle. He was the elvenking in the book, The Hobbit, and fought and led the elven forces in the Battle of Five Armies.
    Thranduil was a Sindar elf who may have been kin of Elwe.
    He had a love for silver and white gems and always wanted more because his horde had not become nearly as large as other Elven hordes. Thranduil may or may not have gone into the West with Legolas.  He had eyes like the stars that shone bright. His face was unaged and seemed filled with hidden magic and wisdom.

References: The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings


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