by Finrod-V
Jan. 18, 2004
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    Glend was the sword of the Giant Nan and was mentioned in the lengthening spell of Tinuviel. 

"The names of all the tallest and longest things upon earth were set in that song: the beards of the Indrafangs, the tail of Carcaras, the body of Gloround the drake, the bole of Hirilion, and the sword of Nan she named, nor did she forget the chain Angainu that Aule and Tulkas made, or the neck of Gilim the giant that is taller than many elm trees"

The name of Nan's sword is given in the Lay of Leithian:

"and sang of Glend the sword of Nan"

    Book of Lost Tales page 46 The Tale of Tinuviel,
    The Lays of Beleriand Line 1496 from the Lay of Leithian