Menel Forodhren

Menel Forodhren or "Northern Skies" in Sindarin: by Luthien-(T)

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Aule's Dwellings. By Luthien-(T)
Aulë's Dwellings

Elbereth, lady of the stars. By Luthien-(T)
Elbereth, lady of the stars
Concern over Telperion. By Luthien-(T)
The elves are concerned about Telperion

Pond in a forest under rising full moon. By Luthien-(T)
Pond in a forest under rising full moon

Company near Alqualonde. By Luthien-(T)
Company walking  up a hill outside Alqualondë
Gondolin. By Luthien-(T)
Nost-na-Lothian in Gondolin


This artwork is used by permission from Luthien-(T). Her site on which these and other works reside is at Menel Forodhren 2010 Northscape.