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 *Yavanna *

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Yavanna, Giver of Fruits. Work in progress.
"Yavanna, the Giver of Fruits. Work in progress"

In the last year or two I have tried woodcutting to see what it was like. Done a piece as a wedding gift for a girlfriend and her husband to be and lately I, as so often before, have returned to Tolkien.
This piece is not totally finished but the rough cutting is more or less done and now remains long toil of finishing it. But I could not resist showing it here as it is at this point. I hope you like it.

She is the lover of all things that grow in the earth, and all their countless forms she holds in her mind, from the trees like towers in forests long ago to the moss upon the stones or the small and secret things in the mould.

In the form of a woman she is tall, and robed in green; but at times she takes other shapes. Some there are who have seen her standing like a tree under heaven.

Kementari, Queen of the Earth, she is surnamed in the Eldarin tongue. She is the giver of life and protector of that which grows and lives.

“All have their worth. And each contributes to the worth of others. But the Kelvar can flee or defend themselves, whereas the Olvar that grow cannot. And among these I hold trees dear. Long in the growing, swift shall they be in the felling, and unless they pay toll with fruit upon bough little mourned in their passing.”

From the Valaquenta.