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Elatan-(T)'s Cave


 *Tree * Ulmo at Vinyamar * Breaking of the Spring* Smaug and the Lonely Mountain* Veantur sailing into Mithlond*

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Tree mosaic on the side of Elatan's brother's house.

Tree mosaic on the side of Elatan's brother's house.

Ulmo at Vinyamar, mosaic by Elatan-(T)
"Ulmo at Vinyamar"

Ulmo appears to Tuor at his home of Vinyamar.

"You all know the place in the legends where Ulmo shows himself at the shores of Vinyamar and Mount Taras, the long beaches where the white swans roam etc etc.
That was my second try in making a mosaic. its 121 x 85 cm."

Breaking of Spring, mosaic by Elatan-(T).
"Breaking of the Spring"

"The last piece is non-Tolkien and the first try I had on mosaics but here it comes.
Size 70 x 120"

The last one is really some Norse longships but if others imagine swan ships like those I am fine with that. Tolkienvise I am more inclined to think Numenorean fisherboats from the southern Hyarnustar and Nindamos. (Unfinished Tales - Description of Numenor - Vëantur)
I have often had the lines of Vëantur in mind: "He brought his ship Entulasse into Mithlond on the spring winds blowing from the west.." I find it a magic phrase showing a clear and cold light blue sky with thorned thin white clouds and a dark greeenish sea with sharp waves topped with white foam and a tall ship riding proud with all sails set while passing lighthouses into a calmer bay.  Maybe that should be the next mosaic project :)

Smaug comes out of the Lonely Mountain, mosaic by Elatan-(T).
"Smaug and the Lonely Mountain"

Smaug and the Lonely Mountain took 8 months from idea to completion.

The third try "is called Smaug and the Lonely Mountain.
The landscape is copied from one of John Howe's because he hit the "feel" of it right on in my opinion but of cause the transformation into mosaic changed it a great deal.
The dragon is one I have used before in drawings but now turned into mosaic and inserted in the landscape.
The original idea of this mosaic was to build it into the floor of my terrace but now it's done I am not sure it's possible and it might just go for the wall."
Size is 122 x 105."

Mosaic: Veantur brings his ship into Mithlond
Size: 101 x 141 cm. Finished January 2013

"Véantur after 600 years of the Second age has passed brought his ship Entulessé into Mithlond on the spring
winds blowing from the West."

That was the sentence that stood in my mind and had done so for years. I had this picture of a ship on a clear spring day, cool blue sky, windy and the sea with small sharp waves with small white horses and the fresh green grass upon the rocky coast.
But, in my research for how the Numenorian sailors stood "Tall in the high prows of their ships" I discovered there was no real description of how their ships looked. Besides that I had an idear of having read about the "Black sails of Numenor coming up from the sea" but all together I found no evidence of this could have been as early as in year 600 S.A.
So, I came to the conclusion, The ship Entulassé must have been a smaller vessel, it was a dangerous journey and only later do we hear of the mighty ships of the Guilds of Venturers. There were no black sails at this time and no telling of any others
colors, nor is there any guild crest to be shown on flags or banners.
So when it all is boiled down this could just as well be a picture of any ship anywhere but it is not. Its Véantur and Entulassé coming to Mithlond with the tower of the Palantiri behind.
As a sidenote: I am NOT happy with that tower. should have done it differently, its not good but done is done. The frame should somehow reflect the playing of colours and waves in the sea and is not as dark as it seems on photo.