Knight of the Holy Grail

September 17, 2008

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I just finished my latest figure, and dad took some photos tonight. My job lost power in the storm [Hurricane Ike], and I haven't been to work at all this week. Each morning I wait around to see if I get called, but not yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Knight of the Holy Grail
These three photos are of my newest figure, named "Knight of the Holy Grail". I resisted the urge to pay homage to Monty Python, and kept to a serious nature. I pretty much followed the illustration for mine, but changed a few colors. I also had fun painting the design around the lower portion of his helmet.

Knight of the Holy Grail2
I'm proud of getting his eyes to properly look upwards. This figure is the second in a slightly larger 70mm scale, and I love the size. The heads are just larger enough to allow good detail painting, but not "big".

Knight of the Holy Grail 3
I have a few more to do in this scale, and both are knights. Both will also provide much harder patterns for painting.