The Dwarf King

March 8, 2011

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"The Dwarf King" by DeepGroover-(T)
This model is made by a fairly new company named Nocturna Models, a resin bust I did for my mom. I chose to name this piece "The Dwarf King". I think the actual name is "King Derkin".

The display base may seem a bit much, considering the size of the bust, but my reason for it to be so big is that it will go into a shadow box with two other pieces. It will be in the center, and I wanted to create an arch. The fancy shield-like thingy is a pendant I found at Hobby Lobby. I cut the chain hole off, and superglued it to the display. It gives a whole kingly effect. :-)

"The Dwarf King" closeup of the dwarf, by DeepGroover-(T).
Closer shot for details.