May 11, 2014

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I hope you're all enjoying Mother's Day today. ...I gave her a gnome.

This is another piece by the same company as "Gort the Red". I saw him on their website, and showed mom several weeks ago. We both got a laugh out of it, so I ordered him.

He's trying so hard to look menacing, yet being stubby with a gut almost as big as he's not working for him.

He's made by Scibor Miniatures in Poland, made of resin, and stands proudly at just over one inch tall. The scenic base was included. Upon close inspection prior to painting I noticed a few areas like his legs aren't as rounded off as I'd like, but overall his level of detail is outstanding. There were only 3 pieces.....the figure, the head of his club, and the scenic base. Mom chose the hair color, and asked that he have green eyes. What fun painting colored eyes on a figure this size.

 For a base I used a craft wood short candlestick holder, with a disc glued to the top. The kit scenic base was glued to that, so the final look is very nice. No name plate as there's no place to attach one, but we decided to name the little guy "Dorf". more reason for him to look pissed off.

I enjoyed this little (pun intended) project a lot, and signed it "Mother's Day 2014" on the bottom. Believe it or not, this little figure cost under $10. Our money rocks in Poland!