Lord of the Rings Quiz

Fourth Anniversary of the Valar Guild

Live chat quiz with two teams whispering answers to spokespersons who answered the Loremaster Irmo-(Valar) aloud. First spokesman to type the right answer won that answer for the team. Play continued until one team answered 10 questions.

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     warm-up: Who gave his Ring to Gandalf?
    1. (Uncertain of question. May have been: what was Gandalf's ring the ring of?)
    2. What was the man's name Eowyn used to disguise herself in the cavalry of Rohan?
    3. What was Legolas's score at the time Gimli reached 2?
    4. Minas Ithil was taken over and renamed what which means what?
    5. Which king routed the Witch King's forces with Glorfindel's help?
    6. At the Pelennor Fields, what weapon did the Witch King have?
    7. Eomer used his sword's name in a battle cry. What was the sword's name?
    8. What were the greatest horses of Rohan called?
    9. In Khazad-dum, which peak did the Endless Stairs lead to?
   10. What two names did Sam use to describe Gollum's two personalities?
   11. What was Barad-dur called in orcish?
   12.  Gimli said he could accomplish what at Helm's Deep given 1 year and 100 dwarves?
   13. Tom Bombadil took what from the barrow wight's treasure?
   14. Who made the doors into Moria?
   15. Where did Gaffer Gamgee send the Black Rider?
   16. What device did Gorbag and his orcs bear on their shields?
   17. Pippin killed what enemy in the attack of the Lords of the West on the Black Gate?
   18. What suggestion did Merry and Pippin make to Fangorn for adding hobbits to the list?
   19. Smeagol guaranteed his aid to Frodo how?
   20. What warning did Gandalf bring to Legolas from Galadriel?
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