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The Dragon Fight

by Hoegard Harfoot
June 25, 2010

Of goriest concerns will rhymest write
Where forest governs the egrest tight
Leisured hills stray by

Lay dankest caverns in dimmest night
With greatest cairns of apprest plight
Embrasured ills play fie

Where serviced caserns for rinderpest blight
Did greatest wyverns kin impest light
Tortured kills lay nigh

Of blackest worms one mayest sight
The deepest albernes is provest right
Abjured wills stray shy

When bravest burins face dragonest bite
Their gravest kerns ends acridest might
Treasured frills may sly

The richest returns to honorest fight
When boldest vet’rans the horde-chest cite
Measured rills pray try