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Thaurlach's Bane

by Hoegard Harfoot
May 23, 2011

Forever bound in an earthen tomb
Morgoth's servant of shadow and flame
The deep rift Nûrz Gâashu filled with gloom
Thaurlach is there still the legends claim

The Lady Glathlírel guards him still
The Eldgang watch and there hold him back
So long imprisoned against his will
But others still found the great rift crack

Ever-seer hopes Thaurlach is freed
The Lady of Gorthban begs for aid
His dark minions strive to do the deed
So ancient rites must now be remade

Heroes flock to the prisoner’s room
The wheels will now turn in Nûrz Gâashu
A red road down to the fiery tomb
The demon slips from his chains anew

A great battle rages there below
Flame and Shadow rages against light
Where heroes dare few others would go
Seeking an end to the Balrog's blight

The Balrog lies dead in Nûrz Gâashu
One symbol alone of Thaurlach’s doom
The demon's demise you have proved true.
A broken link brought up from the tomb

So now Thaurlach follows Udûn’s flames
Never again will their kind be known
A victory no mere mortal claims
For all heroes make glory their own

Such a champion is Thaurlach’s bane
This is the destiny of their lot
Called now Lord of the Shattered Chain
A noble title such deeds have wrought