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The Journey

by Hoegard Harfoot
June 20, 2011

The road we travel is long and cold
Best suited for the brave or bold
Each turn and hill offers new trails
In traveling on we cannot fail
Step by step we will wander on
And for some time we will be gone
Though gone away we will not stay
But for how long we cannot say
And every path we wander down
Leads us through both the wild or town
The field and stream or rock and tree
The world is there for us to see
In wonder gaze along our way
At bright sun up and end of day
All the roads we may travel on
Like the night will end at the dawn
Those that lead us home are the best
Where we may seek a well earned rest
Journeys provide good tales to tell
And adventures we love so well
With trails run out and story said
We travel at last to our beds