Of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad

by Menelvagor-(Valar)
September 12, 2004

Bright were the banners of Elves and Men
Raised on the slopes on the eve of battle.
In great numbers they were arrayed
Waiting on the slopes on the eve of battle

Maedhros and mortal Men in the East
Eagerly awaiting the battle that was to come.
Naugrim from their mountain halls were there also
Eagerly awaiting the battle that was to come.

Fingon with the Elves and Edain in the West
Waiting for Maedhros’ sign to join the battle.
And lo! Turgon with his spearmen arrived
Hoping to help and to join the battle.

Morgoth then sent out an army great yet not all
To draw out Fingon and thwart his plans in battle.
Yet the host of Fingon stood silent before the taunts
Until they slew Gelmir drawing them out to battle.

So quick was the onslaught of Fingon’s host
That Morgoth’s army was defeated in battle.
So quick it could not be reinforced
And it was swept away in battle.

Through the gates swept Gwindor, Gelmir’s brother
And slew the guards of Thangorodrim in battle.
But before Fingon could aid him in strength
Morgoth’s army sped from Thangorodrim for battle.

Thus was Gwindor slain, cut off from his friends
Falling valiantly in battle.
Thus was Fingon beaten back from the walls
Retreating from a force too great to battle.

But they were overtaken, closed in on all sides
Forcing them to stand and battle until the end.
Their ring became ever closer as they fought on
Determined to stand and battle until the end.

Yet again there came Turgon when hope was gone
To aid Fingon and win the battle.
But Morgoth’s host was not yet all he had sent
For forth came Dragons and Balrogs to end the battle.

Maedhros had at last come across Anfauglith
And Morgoth’s host was hard-pressed in battle.
But for all their strength, Morgoth had his vice
And Uldor changed sides in the midst of battle.

There, Fingon was slain by Gothmog Lord of Balrogs
For standing alone, Fingon had no chance in battle.
There, Azaghâl was slain, wounding Glaurung deeply
And the Naugrim bore him off and none dared to battle.

Of all the elves but one Lord remained retreating the sands
Turgon, King of Gondolin battling as they went.
Hurin was there also, aiding with a remnant of the Edain
Until with Sirion at their backs they could do naught but battle.

There the Edain made their stand, guarding Turgon’s escape
And they were all alone in that final battle.
Thus ends the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Battle of Unnumbered Tears
The most grievous battle ever fought in Beleriand.

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