by Haleth-(V)
May 9, 2005

It is my fate to weep, to grieve, to mourn
It is I who first felt a mother’s anguish
When Telperion and Laurelin were slain
When my brethren sang the Music
All heard its glory and beauty
All rejoiced to see the Music take form
Yet I, and I alone, was condemned to hear its grief
Yet am I cursed or am I blessed
To be suffering’s companion?
To weep at every wound that mars Arda?
For I am the first woman to know a mother’s grief,
For it is I who know the meaning of pity and patience,
I who know the meaning of a mother’s grief and love,
I who will weep at Arda’s every wound,
I who suffer with each of my children:
I understand their distress.
Who knows of tears and pity better than I?
Who wept when the Music took form?
Who led the theme of sorrow and pity?
Who truly understands my children’s sorrows?
But even in despair, there lies a seed of hope,
In every sorrow, there lies joy,
In every tear, there lies laughter,
In every dark, there lies light.
Because I am grief’s companion, I must dwell alone,
Because I know the meaning of sorrow, I weep for every mother,
Because of this curse, I am blessed;
Because of this blessing, I am cursed:
To know each bereavement with intimacy
To pity each child and plead for mercy
To weep as my child begins to know of grief.
To cry “woe” as my child is wounded.
Companion of sorrow and anguish,
Mistress of tears and weeping,
Lady of pity and compassion,
Mother to every child, but most especially of Arda:
I am the first of mothers, to know of grief and pity,
I am she who pleads for mercy, desiring mercy for my children,
I dwell alone the better to understand my children,
I am the lover of sorrow and pity:
Nienna, mistress of grief and mourning.

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