The Musings of the Weaver

by Haleth-(V)
December 4, 2005

This weaving of many colors
Holds joy and sorrow, hope and despair,
Love and hatred, darkness and light
Yet without one, can the other exist?
For is there light when there is no darkness
Hope when there is no despair?
Manwë, lord of the wind,
Delights in freedom and flight,
Ulmo in his waters and seas,
Aulë in his making,
Oromë in his hunting,
As does Yavanna rejoices in her fruits,
Varda in light and in her stars,
But none ever wonder about the darkness
Or the sorrow that lies behind the light.
Only two, and two alone
Understand my question:
Nienna, mistress of grief and mourning,
Namó, lord of the spirits of the dead:
For only those who know of weeping and mercy
And yet hold fast to their duty,
Can understand the meaning of time,
Of darkness and of light and
How one cannot live without the other.
Only time can show how evilness
Turns to the greater good,
For does light have any meaning
When there is no darkness to lighten?
And though I am naught but Vairë the Weaver,
Keeper of time's wisdom,
Less in power but greater in curiosity,
I have knowledge gained from time:
The greatest good comes from the greatest evil,
For because fallen Melkor was there
The light burned all the brighter
And did not the melody of Eru seem sweeter
Against the discord of Melkor?
And the valiant deeds of the Eldar
Seem greater yet when they rose from shadows?
And so will it be that one day,
All evil worked upon fair Arda
Will have been turned to the greater good
As time unlocks its secrets.
But still I will ask my question:
Is evil truly evil if it serves good in truth?
Can evil still be redeemed?
And for that, others would condemn me,
But I will never cease to wonder,
For only one who weaves Time itself
Can understand my tapestry,
Of how black and white cannot long survive
Without the other, and so too
Must dark and light coexist.
And 'til my question is answered
I am doomed to wait,
Creating my tapestries of life and death:
The musings of the Weaver.

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