Memories of the Old Ent...

by Dreamlord-TV

In silent Night
We see the Light
And know that Eldar go
With Stealth and Skill
They wander still
Whereto we do not know
Of Song and Dance
We catch a Glance
Yet never more than one
In Grey and Green
Now seldom seen
Their Work on Earth is done
Three Rings concealed
Their Fates are sealed
Much lost, yet more is won
Malbeth saw clearly
Triumph bought dearly
The Light of Andúril shone
In Songs are told
Their Deeds of old
Though most are veiled by Years
Uncounted by
The mortal Eye
And clothed with Lies and Fears
Forgotten Forests
Once great Realms
The Valley of Singing Gold,
Dreamflower faded
And Mortals pervaded
In Arda are left only Memories cold

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