The Lord of the Mark

by Eru-(Valar)
Dec. 19, 1999

From the plains of Rohan, Theoden came,
Through war and darkness, a brilliant flame,
To the aid of Gondor in its hour of need,
Borne swiftly south by Snowmane his steed.
So then on the Pelennor his flame it died,
But Eowyn and Merry stood at his side,
And slew the Witch King, Er-Murazor the Black,
Which caused the faltering of Mordor's attack.
Then Theoden's body was returned to the Mark,
And the sky was clear, not gloomy or dark,
For he was laid to rest with the Kings of Old,
And the minstrel sang and the story was told,
Of the Lord of the Mark, Theoden, Thengel's Son,
And of the war he fought and of the battle he won.
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