Lay of Beleriand...

by Dreamlord-TV

Beleriand, thy Plains of old
Could many Tales of Woe unfold
In silent Rest beneath the Wave
Ilúvatar's Children found their Grave

By salty Shores and Willow Meads
The Trees sing still of ancient Deeds
When Wrath from West swept o'er the Lands
And Fear did strike Unholy Bands
In Fiery Caves beneath the Hill
Did Morgoth nurture Evil Will
Yet Cries of Eagles reached his Ear
And in his heart awoke great Fear
Lies, Deceit and Foul Intent
Made free the Master of Torment
Yet in him dwells forevermore
The thought of Mighty Angainor

Through Battles of Unnumbered Tears
Were summoned His Immortal Peers
And forth, by Manwë's Will did flow
the Host to strike the Final Blow
Tasarinan, with sylvan Mounds
Where Elven-Kings did rule thy Grounds
Now Orcs and Wolves can prey no more
On those, whom we but know from Lore
From Elder Days in Elven-Rhymes
We hear the Echo of past Times
In Memory they live anew
Though Eldar bid the World Adieu :)
With Harp and Song and Bowmen strong
The Wondrous People dwelled so long
'Till Oath drove Kin against his Kin
And Havoc thrived by Melkor's Sin
Ill-Fate and Bloodstains paved the way
To Darkness that Accursed Day
In Lands Immortal there was Life
In Realms beyond, Eternal Strife...

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