The Fall of Fingolfin

by Barahir-(V)
September 23, 2005

High King of the Noldor, Fingolfin
   Son of Finwe, brother of Finarfin
To Angband, he rode alone in wrath
    and cared not by whatever path
In a great rage alone rode, Fingolfin
   Angered at the fall of the sons of Feanor and Finarfin
Like a god he rode,
    And cared not what doom forebode
He looked like Orome, Lord of Hunt
    and as leading an army front

He came at last to Angband
     The most evil land,
He challenged Melkor, mightiest in Arda
    The Foe of Tulkas, Manwe and Varda
From the Great Gate, Morgoth came
    and he would become Fingolfin's bane
He stood over Fingolfin like a tower
          unmatched in power
His blue shield was studded with a star
        and it was seen afar

He drew blue sword, Ringil, lo!
        for it made the victim unhealable as in Diablo
Morgoth wielded Grond, Hammer of the Underworld
     Three times at Fingolfin, Grond he hurled!
Fingolfin survived with his skill
     but was finally succumbed at will,
But seven times, Morgoth he marred
     Then Morgoth's face was ever scarred
Fingolfin finally hewed Morgoth's feet
    and died there in a land of cold, darkness and heat

So died,
    When to destroy Morgoth he tried,
High King of the Noldor, Fingolfin
    Son of Finwe, brother of Finarfin
But Thorondor appeared,
   And with Fingolfin's body,he disappeared
Fingolfin's body away to Gondolin he swept
    Where Fingolfin's son, Turgon wept,
They made no song, for too great was their sorrow,
    and his burial place was then ever a hallow,

So passed, brother of Finarfin
     Son of Finwe, King Fingolfin

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