by Eru-(Valar)
Dec. 19, 1999

O Son of Denethor whither have you gone?
Journeying to the north, you departed ere long,
Seeking there for the Sword that was Broken,
You travelled so far and was shown a token,
That the doom of the world was near at hand,
And companions you found from many a land.
Then returning home you found that doom,
For Isildur's bane hath the power to consume,
And twist Men's thoughts beyond our ken,
This doom you found on high Amon Hen.
But then in redemption you fought and died,
And stood so bravely at the Halfling's side,
Winding your horn though no help it came,
Only the arrows of Orcs until you were slain.
But now though you have passed down to the Sea,
Take heart brave lord, for your land is free.

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