The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

by Barahir-(V)
September 20, 2005

Over Amon Lhaw,
the whisper of a battle I Saw,
Over Amon Hen,
I witnessed the greatest battle of men,
Over Rauros,
beyond Cair Andros,
In the fair land of Gondor,

Before the citadel of Minas Anor,
Fought the allies and warriors of Gondor,
Against the dark wrath of Mordor,
Mordor with the Variags of Khand,
with axes and,
the Haradrim Cavalry and its mumakil;
the great beasts which are hard to kill ,

Gondor was overpowered,
and its warriors cowered,
Before dawn the gates were breached
Then the Nazgul triumphantly screeched
At dawn Gondor's hope soared
for from the North, the Horse Marshals of Rohan poured

Theoden their king, here fell
of whom many songs sadly tell
There perished the Lord of Nazgul with a great cry
at the hands of Eowyn by whom he was doomed to die
Though this, they were outnumbered
and the new hope of Gondor floundered
Then when hope failed,
a new hope sailed

Many ships came out of Anduin,
out of the ships came a great valour of the folks of Lebennin
Before all went Aragorn, son of Arathorn
Who came when all was forlorn
He wielded Anduril
and led the riverfolk of Ringlo, Morthond and Ciril

Then the fighting furiously waxed
whereas the power of Mordor waned
Before dusk, the battle was won
There was only relief

For here fell Theoden, Forlong,
The Lord of the Nazgul, Gothmog
Grimbold, Fastred, Guthlaf and Hirluin
The Battle was fought with swords, spears and shields
and 50,000 lay dead on the Pelennor Fields 

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