Avari Song of Heartening Before Battle

by Menelvagor-(Valar)
June 3, 2004

Down in the lands which we call home,
with our forests have we been all along.
Down in the mountains where our forges roar,
we make the weapons to fight forevermore.
Down at the lake where our halls stand,
we sing this song to hearten everyone.

When the time darkens outside our halls,
we pick up weapons to defend it all.
We don't mind what are the costs,
we will avenge ones we once lost.
Though our foes are great in mettle,
we will meet them head-on in battle.

On a victory we must depend,
we must win or all will end.
And after our heroes will be home,
we sing of deeds that they have done.
We live our lives for ages on,
preparing for battles that are to come.

Long ago did we not come,
when they called us to their home.
We praise the Valar for their grace,
for they support us in our ways.
With their help we fight and wait,
for the Eldar will not fade.
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