Heights of the Taller Numenoreans and Elves

By Thorondor-(Valar)
Jan. 12, 2005
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    The Men of Númenor were often confused with the Elves by the people of Middle-earth. The radiance of Aman that washed over the Land of Gift prolonged their lifespan, and made them stronger and taller and fair to look upon.

    Quote from Unfinished Tales:

    "Thus two rangar was often called 'man-high', which at thirty-eight inches gives an average height of six feet four inches; (1.93 meters) but this was at a later date, when the stature of the Dúnedain appears to have decreased..."

    And Elendil was mentioned to be almost 2.5 rangar, which is 7 feet, 11 inches. (2.4 meters) He was accounted as the tallest of Men who escaped the Downfall, which means there were most likely taller people in Númenor's history or among the the ones that perished.
    There are taller men than eight feet in this world, of course, but usually it is caused by some genetic mistake or illness. The Men of Númenor were both tall and strong.

    The tallest of all the Children of Ilúvatar was Elwë, and then Turgon and also Argon, Fingolfin's third son who is mentioned in other writings, being as tall or nearly as tall as Turgon. So, it might be that Elu Thingol (Elwë Singollo) was around nine feet tall, or 'just' a bit over eight. I'd imagine he was closer to nine, however, since there must be many between his and Elendil's height, such as other Númenoreans, Elves, and perhaps even Edain. (Tuor was mentioned to be taller than any of the Elven guards of Gondolin)
    Thingol was a High Elf, and the only Sinda who had walked in the light of the Two Trees; even in Middle-earth he was in the light of Melian the Maia, whose angelic presence made Elwë's hair turn silvery. The light of the Trees was holy, but did it make already tall Elves grow up even more?
    Tolkien has mentioned Galadriel as the tallest female character in his mythology. In Unfinished Tales he mentions that Galadriel was a 'man-high' tall, which is six feet four inches.

Reference: Unfinished Tales