Creating New Valar

by Eonwe-(Valar 1998-2000)
January 1999

In this article I deal with a matter that I have done some research on, and has just blown me away.  I recently did an article about the end of the world
in which Turin stands beside Eonwe and kills Morgoth (more on that in the article "End of All Things"). I knew there was some mystery here and decided to investigate. I recently got a new Tolkien book, the Book of Lost Tales 2, and well, you shall see. I usually don't do an introduction but this matter is just so
amazing.... anyway, on to the passage.

    "At last  Urin (Hurin) and Mavwin (Morwen) fared to Mandos, and Nienori
was not there, nor was Turin their son. Turambar indeed had followed Nienor
along the black pathways to the door of Fui, but Fui (Mandos' wife?) would
not open them, nor would Vefantur (Mandos).  Yet now the prayers of Urin and
Mavwin came even to Manwe, and the Gods had mercy on their unhappy fate, so
that those twain entered into Fos Almir, the Bath of Flame, even as Urwendi
and her maidens had done in ages past before the first rising of the sun,
and so were all their sorrows and stains washed away, and they dwelt as
shining Valar among the blessed ones."

    There it is. Turin and Nienori bathed in the bath of flames, and came out as "shining Valar" among the blessed ones. Had such a thing happened ever
before or since? No.  Why did the Valar do this? I think it was in apology for all the evils that had happened to them because of Morgoth, and the
Valar had not been able to protect them. It was said they dwelt as shining Valar? Does that mean they were Maia, or really and truly Valar?  Then the
Valar have the power to make anyone a Vala? (They do in our guild but otherwise?) This is a very odd development, and I know not all the answers,
but here is what I do know and have guessed. Enjoy!

Reference: Book of Lost Tales 2