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June 25, 2009
New music: Telerilindalė: The Lay of the Last by Arth-(T). Lyrics. This link goes to his Blogspot including his own vocals, keyboarding, and lyrics for the first part of this poem.

Feb. 11, 2008
New music: Luthien's Spell by
Marc Fawcett aka Glorfindel-(V). This link plays directly on your browser's player or may be downloaded using "Save As" in the menu at the top of your browser. 7.2 MB.
    We are having a space problem and may need to use a different server (s) to host the music files. Links from these pages will be changed if we do, so you can still find the music.

Feb. 10, 2008
    New music! Nan Curunir
by Marc Fawcett aka Glorfindel-(V). This link is for the page that includes both the mp3 and lyrics.5.3 MB.
    Changed the site format somewhat for consistency for user's reading and easier location (for the webmaster) of files.

Feb. 7, 2008
    Links added into the rest of the site.
    Frames added.

Feb. 5, 2008
    Reworked the pages, added "Sending Music", put in links so the pages may now be used.
    Separate Author's Pages will be added later, same as for the rest of the Tolkien Site.
    Links into the rest of the site will be added later.
    Frames will be added later.

Feb. 3, 2008
    Tested the music at the Sunday Meeting of the Valar Guild. From the test results, the decision was that for now the pages should  use a link to the music piece so the user's own player will operate the music. More bells and whistles can be added later. One version of Internet Explorer gave only a blank page, but another version had no trouble. Firefox and Netscape had no trouble.

January 30, 2008

    The music page was begun.
    New music:
        The Fall of Nargothrond
(moved)- instrumental mp3, composed by Glorfindel-(V). Shifted link location to
The Fall of Nargothrond Feb. 10, 2008. 6.8 MB. Glorfindel-(V) was not satisfied with the piece and requested that it be removed July 26, 2020.

January 29, 2008
    After discussion on AIM in a side window during Sunday's Valar Guild meeting, Glorfindel told of two pieces of original music that he had made inspired by Tolkien. Varda offered to listen to them and see if they were good enough to warrant starting a new Tolkien section. Glorfindel sent in his instrumental, "The Fall of Nargothrond", and the answer is "Yes!". Glorfindel is currently working more on the other piece with written poetry/lyrics.